Corporate Intelligence means different things to different people. In one sense, corporate intelligence could relate to how smartly your business goes about doing its business. Having intelligence (such as competitive information or knowledge on how your business is performing) is one thing, but to how your company uses information can be equally as important. The “practices” followed by the people in your company (and their ability to learn to act more intelligently) can make a positive difference to the focus, efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation in the pursuit of its goals.

Does your Sales Rep or CRM system gather knowledge of what your reps compete against. Competition can vary dramatically across regional markets, yet many companies fail to capture or store it systematically. Your database should be able to keep this non-customer information handy, such as competitor’s quoted service rates for various bin size/frequency combinations to prospects. Keeping a history of wherever you lost a contract bid and storing what rates and service parameters it went for and when it’s due for renewal, can give your sales reps extremely valuable info and timely reminders just before it’s due to renew.

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